In a world of growing internet security threats, businesses often underestimate the vulnerability of their critical data and expose it to thousands of malicious attacks everyday without knowing it.  Today's security landscape calls for added support in preventing the spread of viruses, spyware, malware and trojans.

Here are some recent statistics:

$55 Billion annual computer virus damages to U.S. businesses (Gartner Research)

55% of online users said they had been infected with spyware, and 82% believed it posed a threat to online privacy, according to Bigfoot Interactive.

Instant messaging security threats doubling every 6 months (Gartner research)

Gartner predicted that by the end of 2009, instant messaging will surpass e-mail as the primary way people interact electronically. The Radicati Group says that "more than 85% of all enterprises report using instant messaging for business". Symantec claims that instant messengers and peer-to-peer applications were used in 7 of the top 10 Internet threats, with IM security threats growing at 100% every six months.

Spyware to reach 25% of business PCs

Forrester Research predicts spyware infection levels will reach 25% in 12 months, prompting 65% of companies surveyed to say they will invest in anti-spyware tools and upgrades this year. Some 80% of companies surveyed have already deployed specialized tools to deal with the problem.

32% of phishing sites are hosted in the US

According to an Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) report on phishing activity, 32% of scammers' Web sites were hosted in the United States. China was found to be in second place, hosting 13%, with Korea and Japan in third and fourth places with 10% and 3.1% respectively.


    The NuSecure Desktop security system is a comprehensive, advanced security software system designed for your desktop or laptop computer. This application allows for complete monitoring and protection of your system against all current security threats using award winning technology comprised of antivirus, antispyware, intrusion prevention, application control, spam control, and rootkit detection. An online management portal allows for remote managing and monitoring of your security status and settings keeping you up to date when away from your business. These features paired with the NuSecure Gateway system allows for a complete, overall security solution needed in the everyday business environment.

    Nusecure provides real-time protection of all application and system files through the use of propriety system processes and software engines designed to minimize system load and increase system uptime. Eliminate any fear or possibility of virus infections, spyware intrusions, or malicious programs. Email is automatically scanned for virus and spyware so you do not have to worry about infected emails or email attachments. Online management portal is always available to give up to the minute updates, news, and alerts no matter where you are connecting from. Automatic virus definition update engine allows for immediate updates on threats facing your system. Daily software patches and version upgrades add new features and better protection, adapting and improving the product. Daily Security news keeps you updated to what’s going on and how it would concern you.

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